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Granite Countertops

Minneapolis Countertops specializes in only the best quality and most affordable granite countertops in the Twin Cities metro area. Among our quality granite slab selection is a wide-range of different styles to fit any home owner’s tastes.

Granite, whether it’s used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops or specialty projects, is perfect for all homes because it meets the perfect balance between practical function and style. As the second hardest material in the world, it will stand the test of time while remaining timeless in any type of kitchen, bathroom or other space.

There are four main color types of granite that are extremely popular with our customers: black, brown, gray and white.

  • Gray Granite: While it may seem like a monotone color style, gray granite has a lot of vibrancy and diversity among cuts of stone to accent any modern or timeless kitchen. For instance, New Caledonia granite typically has a more pocked pattern that looks great at both a distance and up close in the kitchen. While gray is the dominant color, it often features accents of different browns and blacks depending on the slab. These can work quite well with white or lighter shade cabinets throughout the kitchen. Additionally, Bianco Antico has very diverse vein style and can curve throughout the slab of stone. A mainly lighter gray background, this type of granite works quite well with traditional or open, modern kitchens and cabinets that are white.
  • White Granite: White granite may be the most popular type of granite going into kitchens, basements and homes across the country today. It remains one of the most popular in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro as well. People tend to like these types of granite because of their simple, clean look that keeps your kitchen looking new for years and years. Despite the overarching presence of white tones, you can often find subtle hints of gray, black, blue or rose accent colors present in white granite. Moon White is one of the more contemporary and modern styles of granite popular today. These slabs often have sporadic splashes of accent colors, and this versatile type of stone is great in just about any kitchen or bathroom setting, no matter the design style of the room. Plus, Andino White is another style that can mesh with many kitchen styles. With occasional darker accents amidst a sea of lighter patches, Andino White is a great, affordable granite type for your next project.
  • Brown Granite: Brown granite is a much softer take on some of the colder popular granite options popular today. It truly shines in a style surrounded by wood, but it can thrive in just about any scenario. For a lighter variation of brown granite, consider Giallo Ornamental. For a happy medium between a dark brown tone and white, this is the answer. A very versatile type of granite, it can go well in just about any type of kitchen or bathroom. For something more traditionally darker granite
  • Black Granite: Black granite can help give a desired luxury effect when placed in various styles of kitchens. Consider styles like Absolute Black granite. A pure, consistent black color that simplifies a kitchen area and brings a sense of power to the space. Think big with good lighting when adding this type of granite. Additionally, for a bit of sparkle, consider Black Galaxy granite. With miniscule, flickering shaves of gold and silver coloring, this countertop can shimmer subtly while bringing a consistent tone to any style of kitchen.

Granite can often be very affordable and cost effective, but some jobs can cost more than others. Granite countertops and installation can range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Cost per square foot of type of granite does largely depend on the type of stone and weight of the given slab.

Why should you get granite countertops? Once your affordable granite countertops are installed, there are plenty of long-term maintenance benefits over cheaper, inferior types of countertops.

  1. Heat and stain resistant. When sealed properly, granite is stain resistant for years. It’s recommended that granite counters are re-sealed annually, therefore they can keep their stain resistance and keep your kitchen looking clean and beautiful with little effort. Plus, when it comes to a very active kitchen where cooking intensive meals, there’s no worry for hot pots and pans ruining granite countertops. Granite is naturally very heat resistant thanks to nature. While it’s still recommended you use potholders for long periods of time, you don’t have to worry about heat ruining your new counters!
  2. Chip and scratch resistant. For normal use, granite is chip and scratch resistant. With an active kitchen seeing utensils, plates, pots and pans flying about, you don’t have to stop and worry if your counters will be scratched or chipped by a passing glance of a sharp object. Granite is one of the hardest materials in the whole world!
  3. One-of-a-kind. Your granite slab is yours and yours alone. There are no two pieces exactly the same, meaning that your kitchen will now have a piece of timeless style anchoring the aesthetics of the space for years to come.

Overall, regardless of what type of granite countertops you choose to put in your home, Minneapolis Countertops has you covered with the best selection, best prices and best service in the industry across Minnesota. Find your new countertops today and give our style and installation experts a call at 651-340-2103 to get your project in motion so you can get to living with your beautiful new countertops!


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