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Quartz Countertops

Our quartz selection at Minneapolis Countertops is some of the best selection in the Twin Cities and the entire state of Minnesota. While we carry an extensive selection of some of the most popular styles among our customers in recent years, we do still stock more unique and underutilized styles to make sure we can fit the style needs of you and your kitchen, bathroom or other room.

While granite is one of the most quality materials you can get for your new countertops, they’re affordable for nearly any budget as well. In addition to its quality and cost-effectiveness, quartz countertops have the ability to fit with any type of kitchen, any type of bathroom or other space in your home. Your home is unique, and every space in it has some individualized flair to it. Whether your home features a contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, coastal, French or industrial style kitchen, quartz countertops can help accentuate and complement that style to tie everything together.

As for the most popular types of quartz styles, the most in demand types today consist of white bases with various other accenting colors. Take a look below at three of our most coveted types of quartz slabs:

  • Silestone Miami Vena: This type of quartz can be found in many new construction and renovation projects recently. From a distance, it can look plainly white, which attracts many prospective customers to it for its simplicity and neutrality. Upon closer inspection, it has some very subtle veining and instances of a light gray color. This can fit well with nearly any cabinet style, especially ones with modern cabinetry and fixtures. These can be often seen with black, white or darker brown cabinets as well as milled brass or silver fixtures.
  • Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold: Another extremely popular white-based quartz, this version has the same appeal as Silestone Miami Vena because of its neutrality. When viewed at a closer look, this style has longer subtle flushes of gray or gold-tinted gray striking through the slab to provide the illusion of more texture throughout the countertops.
  • Calacatta Sierra Quartz: This is one of the more unique and awe-inducing types of quartz that is becoming more and more popular for kitchen designs and redesigns. Like the other dominant styles of today, the base is white or off-white with a gray twinge, but rather than soft and sporadic veining, the veins of gray are incredibly defined making for a very unique, jagged and dramatic pattern across your countertops. If you’re looking for a feature piece to bring your kitchen together, this type of quartz may be perfect for you.

As you can see, white-based quartz are certainly the types that are the most coveted in the marketplace today. Are you looking to buck the trends and go with another type of quartz? While these styles will remain timeless even though they are trendy right now, going against the grain might be for you. Still timeless, but more your own. See some of the many styles we carry below that give a different flair. Our options are certainly not limited to the various selections listed below, as quartz has nearly an endless variety of styles, colors and patterns compared to many other stone types.

  • Alpina White Quartz: White and gray speckled quartz that looks mostly gray from afar.
  • Bourbon Quartz: Dark brown base quartz with some gray specks mixed into this graveled-feel stone.
  • Dreamy Marfil Quartz: A cream based quartz with some darker gold veining that is subtle throughout the stone.
  • Charcoal Soapstone Suede Quartz: A near concrete looking stone, this quartz is a darker gray with occasional slight variation in color and off-white veining.
  • Absolute Night Quartz: A black based quartz with a lot of specks throughout the stone in black and dark gray.
  • Calacatta Andromeda Quartz: A lot like the popular Sierra variety, this is a light gray based quartz with bold, darker gray veining throughout.
  • Kona Ice Quartz: A mocha brown colored stone with consistent coloring throughout with the exception of a few small, cream specks dotted around.
  • Thunder Storm Quartz: A swirl of dark gray splotches among a brownish gray base to the stone.

One of the many benefits to quartz is that it is a manufactured stone, while granite and marble are quarried as-is. That means that while you still get unique slabs of quartz and a beautiful finish to your kitchen, bathroom or basement countertops, the cost is generally lower for these types of countertops.

Another significant benefit to quartz is that it is virtually stain resistant for life without the need to significantly maintain it over time. While granite requires re-sealing every year to keep it virtually stain resistant, quartz doesn’t ever need to be re-sealed. Also, you can use whatever cleaner you prefer on it without fear of damaging the quartz in any way. One thing that potential quartz countertop owners should be considering, though, is that quartz is not heat-proof like other natural stones like granite or marble.

In all, quartz is a great option for those considering style, function and price. Quartz has the versatility for a minimalist, simple or modern kitchen, but also the style to remain timeless as your home ages in any space you need countertops. Contact us at Minneapolis Countertops today to get started on your quartz countertop project at either 651-340-2103 or here at our online form to get in touch!


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