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Marble Countertops

The luxury and opulence of marble is unmatched in kitchen or bathroom updates. Marble countertops are an ultimate standard of beauty and status in your kitchen or bathroom. A magnificent, natural stone that means every piece is unique to each space, it can provide a spark of elegance or become the centerpiece to tie a remodeled kitchen together in only the best way.

Quartz countertops can fill a need if you’re looking for a cost-effective, manufactured stone. The next step could be at the granite level where you see a bit more expensive of a natural stone, but more style elements than many quartz varieties. Marble takes the level of granite to the next step. The utmost luxury and style from a unique, beautiful natural stone. When this stone is so distinctive it can spark a term to describe style and design in other objects, i.e. “marbling”, this stone is bound to have a dramatic effect on your home.

One of the many benefits of marble is that is comes in a tremendously wide range of colors and styles. Our customers have purchased many different types of marble over the years, and below are some of the most popular options available today.

  • Blanco Carrara: This white-based marble fits in largely with the design trends of today while exuding a timeless elegance to its purity. This marble from Italy has a deep and striking white base with gray marble veins and spots subtly giving texture and depth to this stone. This type of stone will excel in a new modern kitchen or a remodeled kitchen or bath with lots of light. White, brown or black cabinets is immaterial, as long as the fixtures are simple and contemporary, they will fit well with these incredibly one-of-a-kind stones.
  • Negro Calatorao: A black-based marble that looks like tough stone to help evoke a powerful and solid appearance in whatever space you put it in. This marble out of Spain looks like washed stone at various points with off gray clouds throughout. The most noticeable part of this stone, though is the streaking white or white/gold veins running sporadically throughout the stone. This will look exceptional paired with white cabinets and modern fixtures along with it.

Additionally, there are so many general colors of marble that there is the right one for your specific space:

  • White marble
  • Black marble
  • Brown marble
  • Cream marble
  • Gray marble
  • Blue marble
  • Red marble
  • Green marble
  • Yellow marble

All types of marble, though, have significant benefits over other stones or other materials used for countertops. If you are a baker, this could be the perfect material for your kitchen considering its natural cool feel. Marble is naturally cool and great for rolling various doughs for baked goods.

Besides these tangible elements during use, marble is extremely durable for long periods of time. Once you have your beautiful marble countertops from Minneapolis Countertops, they will last and stand the test of time. Marble is also unique in that due to its “softness” comparative to other types of stones, it is easily shaped and cut for the absolute perfect fit in your bathroom or kitchen. The slab may look beautiful on its face, but if the cut doesn’t fit just right in your space, it might not do the marble the justice it deserves to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and beauty simultaneously.

Marble is by far the most luxurious option available today for your new kitchen or bathroom countertops. As to versatility and color, no homeowner can go wrong installing beautiful marble countertops. Contact our marble specialists at Minneapolis Countertops today at 651-340-2103 or at our contact page here to see your new countertop project come to life!


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